The Goal-Setting Toolkit is designed to provide practical information and tools that mentors can use to help their mentees identify and set effective short- and long-term goals for themselves. It provides tips for the best ways to approach goal-setting, reviews common barriers and offers useful tools and resources.

  • This year’s Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey of drug use and attitudes among American 8th, 10th, and 12th
    graders continues to show encouraging news, with decreasing use of alcohol, cigarettes, and many illicit drugs over the last 5 years

  • More than 100 policy experts, legislators, and youth advocates gathered at “Marijuana Policy Boot Camp: Engage, Equip, Empower” for a statewide discussion focused on the fallacies that surround legalization of recreational marijuana in Connecticut.

  • The Governor’s Prevention Partnership wants to inform parents and teens of ways to avoid mixing those parties with alcohol. Jill Spineti, President and CEO of The Governor's Prevention Partnership, and high school student Amritha Anup, joined FOX 61 Good Day Connecticut to talk about bringing awareness about the dangers of mixing teens and a drinking.