Youth Mentoring Resources

Youth Mentoring Resources

Mentoring assures a young person that there is someone who cares about them. A mentor, in its true sense, is an advocate, who through guidance and caring can help a child build a meaningful and productive life. Please find below, resources for mentors, mentees, and mentoring programs.

Downloadable Presentations

Couldn't attend an in-person training or webinar? Find recent trainings below in our downloadable presentation area.

Backwards Planning and Evaluations: How Mentoring Programs Can Use Assessments and Evaluation to Strengthen Programs and Increase Academic Outcomes (PowerPoint Presentation)

Best Practices in Mentoring Youth in Foster Care (PowerPoint Presentation)

“Connecting the Dots” Skype Mentoring Program (PowerPoint and Handouts)

Effective Mentoring of Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders (PowerPoint Presentation)

Expanding the Concept of Match Supervision: Helping mentors, mentees and coordinators manage expectations to improve match longevity (PowerPoint Presentation)

SAFE Training: Prioritizing Youth Safety with Research-Based Mentor Screening Practices (Handouts)

The Mentoring Institute: A Unique United Way Regional Partnership (PowerPoint Presentation)