Help young people succeed and reach their potential, and maybe someday they will become part of your team, helping your company grow and prosper.

At The Partnership, we recognize that you expect results for your community investments. We work hard to understand your company's goals and to add value for your partnership with us. We are eager to work with you on behalf of kids in Connecticut, and to deliver on you company's philanthropic goals.

If you are uncertain about the best way to partner with us, we can assure you that there are many options.

We have support from more than 40 corporations statewide, who along with our government partners enable us to fund our ongoing youth prevention programs in nearly every community throughout the state.

There is no shortage of bullying in schools, no limit to the exposure our kids face to drugs and alcohol; and no end to the family stressors that can derail a child's future.

Through grants, events and programs, we were able to secure $1.8 million in 2011. You’ll find that our annual report details some of ways we used those resources. With your help, over the next three years, we hope to dramatically increase that investment, reaching an additional $500,000 and an estimated 46,500 more children.