Corporate Challenge for Kids

NEW! Corporate Challenge for Kids

Join Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and other businesses and corporations from across the state in the 2015 Corporate Challenge for Kids. 

The Corporate Challenge is a dollar for dollar match program made possible through the leadership of Partnership Board company Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  Their initial investment was motivating other investors who have become part of the match, ultimately creating the potential to raise $160,000 in prevention dollars by June 30, 2015.

Why Now?

The Partnership has twenty-six years of success leveraging the public investment by the state with private contributions, inextricably linking business in government together in keeping Connecticut’s kids safe, successful, and drug-free today for a stronger workforce tomorrow. 

With the substantial proposed budget cut from the State, it is imperative the The Partnership demonstrate its ability to raise private funds to match the state’s investment. 

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For more information about the Corporate Challenge for Kids, please call or email Kelly Luxenberg, manager of resource & partnership development at 860-523-8042 ext. 28 or