Corporate Challenge for Kids

Corporate Challenge for Kids Frequently Asked Questions


The Corporate Challenge for Kids supports the prevention efforts of The Governor’s Prevention Partnership.   For any pledges made to The Partnership between now and June 30, 2015, there is a dollar-for-dollar match up to $80,000.

By becoming part of the Challenge, your investment will be that much more meaningful because there are additional dollars that are supporting it (ie if you typically give $2,500 to The Partnership annually, your investment is really $5,000 when you leverage the Challenge dollars). 


In February 2015, Governor Malloy announced his proposed biennial budget, which included a 77% cut to The Partnership. 

For the past twenty-six years, The Partnership, a public-private initiative has raised over $15 million in private support to match the state’s investment in prevention.  Business and government are inextricably linked to prevent the threats that face today’s youth…tomorrow’s workforce.

The unprecedented cuts in the proposed budget would jeopardize The Partnership’s ability to work in the 169 communities across the state.  By demonstrating to the state stakeholders early in the year that The Partnership has the strong backing of dozens of businesses and corporations across the state, the likelihood of funding being restored in some way is made exponentially greater. 


The Corporate Challenge for Kids was created through the leadership of board company Anthem BlueCross BlueShield.  Anthem’s President Jill Rubin Hummel recognized the urgent need to protect prevention funding during the State’s budget crisis and took multiple steps to support The Partnership by going above and beyond the company’s typical generosity.  Anthem first pledged to support a unique urban mentoring initiative with a $35,000 pledge in 2015, and then wanted to encourage other companies to do the same by offering a dollar to dollar match, up to $40,000 for every pledge that The Partnership receives. 

Inspired by Anthem’s commitment, other private investors have matched their investment 1:1. 

Through the leadership of these companies, the overall impact to Connecticut’s youth will be at least $160,000. 



Any current or new partner is eligible to join the Corporate Challenge for Kids!

  • Current Partners – To become a part of the Corporate Challenge for Kids, which has its own associated benefits package, you must follow Anthem’s lead by stretching your commitment and increasing last year’s investment in a meaningful way.
  • New Partners – Any business who was not previously an investor of The Governor’s Prevention Partnership and makes at least a $1,000 pledge to The Partnership before June 30th will automatically become part of the Corporate Challenge for Kids. 


The Partnership continually prides itself on tailoring benefits packages to our partners’ needs and the Corporate Challenge for Kids is no different.  Please refer to the full list of benefits for our partners.

Those who participate in the Corporate Challenge for Kids will:

  • Be invited to the Governor’s Residence Reception on April 21st\
  • Appear in an exclusive Corporate Challenge for Kids ad in the Hartford Business Journal
  • Receive placement on all Governor’s Luncheon invitations as early prevention supporters (These go to more than 1,000 recipients
  • And, much more…