The Governor’s Prevention Partnership is committed to building a generation of young people ready to succeed so they are ready to take their place in your future workforce. Whether it is lending your voice with a testimonial that helps others feel stronger, giving your time as a mentor, joining a life-changing youth group, sponsoring a Partnership event, workshop or webinar, or simply participating in one of our trainings, your help is greatly needed and appreciated. We look forward to counting on you amongst our brigade of partners in our fight for young people in Connecticut.

Partnering With You Partner with us to help Connecticut kids stay safe, successful and drug free. For the past 20 years, we have been the go-to resource for information and training about issues that seriously threaten our children. Timely and well-researched youth prevention programs can be tailored to your company, community or individual needs, along with substantial benefits packages to raise awareness of your support. Some 50 companies throughout the state have become a Partner In Prevention, leading the way for you and others to get involved.

In Your Community Through our regional action committees and local school and youth group connections in towns across the state, we dig deep to offer assistance and invite you to respond and partner with us further in your local city or town. More

Volunteerism Early on, we made our mark as an organization dedicated to matching mentors with just the right mentees, and we haven’t stopped yet. Further, students across the state are actively leading their friends as ambassadors for a healthy, productive lifestyle, but we need more of you to step up. If you have a story about bullying or substance abuse that you think may help others, we need you to speak out.

Social Media You want to know all there is to know about the dangerous issues affecting our young people in Connecticut, and you can get a good start with personal testimonials, proven research papers, youth prevention tips, trainings, and more. More