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Be Present to Get Presence

Tuesday, September 27, 2022
10:00 am12:00 pm

Join us as we help local school and school district professionals make the connection between relationships, attendance, and educational equity. This webinar builds on learnings from the "My Brother's Keeper" (MBKA) "Success Mentors" Program. This successful, evidence-based mentoring program promotes attendance by creating a sense of belonging and responding to student absences quickly with a strengths-based, relationships-first response and discusses how schools might adapt this model to our current realities in 2022.

Learning Objectives

Underlying this training is MENTOR's guiding vision, which is that all youth have access to a web of support from caring adults and can form empowering relationships that:
1. Promote the pursuit of the youth's passions, skills, and interests
2. Enable youth's access to and exploration of spaces where these can be pursued
3. Help youth overcome personal and institutional obstacles

Session Outline

• What are Barriers to Attendance?
• The MBK "Success Mentors" Initiative
• The Power of Mentoring
• What is "Success Mentors?"
• The "Success Mentors" Model
• What does a "Success Mentor" do?

NOTE: This event will be recorded for future distribution

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