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Strength in our Stories

Wednesday, June 15, 2022
12:00 pm1:00 pm

You are the author of an immensely powerful story - YOUR story.

Whether people realize it or not, everyone carries a story about themselves that shapes their identity. These self stories become our personal truth — they shape our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. They can help or hinder our personal growth, and they shape our interactions with others.

Many people may benefit from updating their narrative...
Their current story might:

  • Refer to themselves as a victim rather than a survivor
  • Be heavily shaped by the criticisms given to them by an abusive parent
  • Seem fixed because they do not yet realize that our stories can be changed
People have the power to take back their stories, write a new narrative, and carry a healthier truth into their future!

Creating new personal narratives is a life-changing skill that:

  • Mentors can teach to mentees
  • Caregivers can share with their children
  • Prevention leaders can harness to bring new energy to their work.

In our upcoming training with Dr. Bridget Cooper (Professional Change Strategist and TEDx Speaker), you can learn the transformative power of stories and how to rewrite them. You will learn how to capitalize on the STRENGTH of our stories.

Click the "Register Here!" link above the event photo to register today!

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