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January is National Mentoring Month

January 2019 marks another exciting month for mentoring, with opportunities to spread the message on the benefits and impact of mentoring youth. Join us on a state and national level to celebrate these relationships in real life.

The Governor’s Prevention Partnership has been  affiliated with  MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership since 1998.  In support of National Mentoring Month, MENTOR has launched the video, If You Mentor Me... , which features youth voices talking about the research-backed, positive effects of mentoring. As David Shapiro, President & CEO of MENTOR shares, “This video is a compelling reminder of the potential and power of mentoring relationships to build bridges and expand possibilities -- for young people and adults alike. We believe that these mentoring relationships play a key role in creating opportunities and advancing equality for youth and their communities. It is one of the reasons we’re proud to team with supporters like you to close the mentoring gap.”  Feel free to use this throughout National Mentoring Month.

2019 National Mentoring Month Toolkit Materials

We encourage you to showcase mentor-mentee relationships as a way of demonstrating this year's theme "In Real Life", thereby mobilizing more adults to mentor. Please share through Facebook posts and Twitter tweets. Please tag The Governor's Prevention Partnership and use the hashtags, #CTMentorIRL, #MentoringMonthCT, #ConnectForYouthCT, #NationalMentoringMonth and #MentorIRL.


  • The Complete 2019 National Mentoring Month Toolkit. Download this for ideas on social media posting, videos, connecting with elected officials and so much more!

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