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Regional Mentoring Collaboratives: A How To Tool Kit

Since 2007, The Partnership has been leading the way to create and convene sustainable regional mentoring collaboratives that bring together traditional and non-traditional stakeholders with a vested interest in helping youth thrive in the face of challenges. Through this effort, The Partnership has designed a model to deliver comprehensive mentoring services to a larger number of young people, while promoting greater accountability and access among mentoring programs and other service providers.

This toolkit, created with generous funding from Pitney Bowes Foundation, is designed to provide a “How-to” for mentoring programs and community leaders on starting and implementing regional mentoring collaboratives. Inside, you will find more background on the rationale for and benefits of this approach, as well as customizable tools and resources to help get you started.

The toolkit was launched by The Partnership at the 2018 National Mentoring Summit in Washington DC.

For further instructions on how to access the toolkit, please complete the contact form below to be contacted by a member of The Partnership staff.

Please complete this form to have a member of our team contact you with instructions on how to access the Regional Mentoring Collaborative Toolkit.  

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