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Opioid Misuse Prevention Resources

The opioid epidemic in Connecticut is impacting everyone, but especially young people. Nationally, opioids accounted for nearly 68% of the 70,200 deaths in 2017. The Governor’s Prevention Partnership wants all young people in the state to have access to the resources they, or their loved ones, need in order to prevent opioid misuse.

Here are a select number of resources:

Helpline Resources

  • This Naloxone + Overdoes Response app gives you all the details on accessing Naloxone, preventing opioid overdose, and other related resources in Connecticut.

  • If you are looking for resources and links to various substance use disorder programs and services and other important resources to assist with addiction and recovery call 2-1-1.

  • You can connect with the Partnership for Drug Free Kids (now Center on Addiction) Helpline specialists to help you find answers and make an action plan in the following ways:
    Visit the website
    Call 1-855-378-4373
    Send a Text a Message to 55753

Connecticut Resources

Tool Kits and Articles

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