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Synthetic Drugs and Emerging Trends

Alcohol remains the number one drug of choice for Connecticut's youth. The rates of consumption have been decreasing over the past few years; however, our youth still drinking at higher rates than their peers nationally. With underage drinking prevention at the forefront of most community initiatives it is also important to be aware of other current drug trends that our youth may come into contact with.

There are currently legal synthetic drugs on the market, mimicking illegal drugs such as cocaine, ecstacy, marijuana and LSD. Most of these drugs, composed of research chemicals, have unknown long-term effects, and can easily be purchased at local gas stations and smoke shops. The government is taking steps to ban certain substances but we still have to be vigilant as parents and community members to help protect our youth.

"Bath Salts" - A Synthetic Cocaine/Ecstasy
"Plant Food" - A Synthetic Cocaine/Ecstasy
Salvia Divinorum
Synthetic Marijuana

"Talk. They Hear You." Application
Parents, not sure how to talk to your kids about substance use? Well, there’s an app for that! SAMHSA has developed an application that can prepare you for conversations on underage drinking. This application provides practice for the important conversations in your life and offer tips and advice while you go.

The Boozie
The Boozie, a sweatshirt with hidden flasks in the hood, has found its way on our social media pages. This is a starting organization that is trying to manufacture a sweatshirt that will allow people to drink covertly and smuggle alcohol. The hood is comprised of pockets that conceal two 10oz flasks and have straws that are disguised as the pull strings. Keep an eye out as new items that can conceal alcohol are popping up. For more information, click here

E-cigarette Usage
“Nicotine is dangerous for kids at any age, whether it’s an e-cigarette, hookah, cigarette, or cigar” says CDC Director Tom Frieden. E-cigarette usage is on the rise in high school students according to the Centers for Disease Control as the surveys dictate that usage rates have tripled since 2013. Be aware that the tobacco market is evolving and E-cigarettes are the most used tobacco product. The innovation of these products do not make them safer as the tobacco is still harmful. For more information, click here

Safe Driving
The summer months can include a high level of automobile accidents reported but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. As a parent, you should provide your teen with helpful tips while they are on the road. Check out the parent page of Safe Car and the Summer Driving Tips that provides valuable resources to keep your child safe while they are on the road. For more information, click here

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