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Helpful Links on Specific Substances Abused by Youth

National research tells us that the substance most commonly used among teens is alcohol (44% of Connecticut 12th graders have used in the past 30 days), followed by tobacco (22% of Connecticut 12th graders have used in the past 30 days), marijuana (19% of Connecticut 12th graders have used in the past 30 days) and prescription and over-the-counter drugs (e.g., 9% of 12th graders nationally report ever having abused Vicodin; 13% of Connecticut high school students report ever having abused cough medicine containing dextromethorphan). These substances are used with much greater frequency than other illicit drugs, including cocaine, inhalants, hallucinogens, ecstasy, heroin and methamphetamine. Recent increases in misuse of prescription drugs and heroin are cause for concern.

General Guide to Abused Substances

General / Underage Alcohol Use
- Start Talking Before They Start Drinking
- Dangers of "Alcopop" Beverages, Especially Girls
- Parenting Behavior Influenced by Past Underage Drinking

Alcohol and Drug Use Among College-Age Youth
- What Parents Need to Know About College Drinking
- Substance Abuse at America's College and Universities

Tobacco & Marijuana Use
- Parental Prevention: Your Influence Matters

Prescription Drug Abuse
It's important to keep prescription medications secured in your home and to keep track of quantities so that you'd know if any were missing.
- Tragic Story of Prescription Drug Abuse

Danger of Progression from Painkiller Abuse to Heroin Use
Prescription opioid painkillers are chemically similar to heroin, and abuse of prescription painkillers is linked with progression to heroin use. Communities through the state, particularly in the suburbs, have told us that youth heroin use has recently increased.

Abuse of Over-the-Counter Medicines
- Cough and Cold Medicine Abuse
- Cough Medicine Abuse

All About the Drug Methamphetamine
-Complete Guide to Methamphetamine