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The Governor's Prevention Partnership has created a series of webinars and resources for use during the COVID-19 Pandemic and beyond. Register for upcoming trainings here and subscribe to our email list here to stay up-to-date.

Resource Packages:

  • As parents and adult caregivers, you play a crucial role in your children's emotional growth. Your child’s social and emotional health can protect them from substance use. Our Bringing Social-Emotional Learning Home resources pack will help you discover how to positively influence your children's healthy social and emotional development and pave the way for a brighter, emotionally intelligent future. Hear from top experts on emotional intelligence and receive a helpful tip sheet for promoting resilient development.

  • It is essential to stay informed with the recent opening of cannabis retail stores in CT. In our educational resource pack, you will gain access to a webinar discussing cannabis in our state, the slide deck used during the presentation, and a Prevention Under Legalization tip sheet. Our pack will inform you about the laws and regulations of the adult-use cannabis industry in CT and how it affects those around us, particularly young people. This knowledge will enable you to discuss cannabis with young people in your life with confidence.

  • Find here the slides and recording of the October, 2021 session of Statewide Opioid Partnerships in Practice. In this session, we welcomed representatives from the Manchester CT HOPE Initiative and New London Overdose Action Team to share how their communities are finding ways to work together to expand access to resources.

  • Find in this resource collection the recording and slides for the Spring, 2021 quarterly meeting of Statewide Partnerships in Practice. This group convenes experts quarterly to continue the conversation around responding to opioid use in Connecticut. The focus of this meeting was New Milford and Stanford Initiatives.

  • Cocktails-to-go? Delivery in 60 minutes or less? Access to alcohol on demand services have created new risks for minors. In this webinar, experts from the CT Department of Consumer Protection, national and local law enforcement representatives, and prevention services share what has changed in light of alcohol delivery services, and the implications of increased access to alcohol for Connecticut’s young people.
    This resource package contains the webinar recording and useful supplementary documents.

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