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April 2016


Letter From Our President and CEO

Over the past six months, The Partnership has been working with our board, partners, staff and colleagues to develop a new strategic plan to guide our future growth. We will have updates to share with you in early June.  We know for certain that we will continue to provide resources and support in order to serve more young people with mentoring.  In addition, another thing that has become clear is that as a youth prevention organization, we need to stay on top of and address trends that could potentially harm our young people and advocate for laws, policies and resources to ensure their well-being. 

You may have heard that legislation was introduced during this past session to legalize marijuana in Connecticut.  While the bill will not be passed this year, we are already organizing and preparing our strategies to address this issue again next year.  Our main concern is that if young people get the message that marijuana is safe and legal and do not recognize the harms of using drugs, they are more likely to use them causing the rates to increase.  The Partnership's goal is to strengthen our role to educate parents, adult caregivers and the general public about the harms that marijuana can cause to the physical, mental and emotional health of our young people.  We are confident that we will be able to provide tools and talking points to mentoring program directors over the next year about the harms of marijuana and other drugs to incorporate into mentor trainings and resources. We are looking forward to engaging you in the process.

Jill Spineti

President and CEO

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