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February 2018

A Message from Hannah

Dear Colleagues:

Congratulations to all for a successful National Mentoring Month.  Many of The Partnership staff attended “In Real Life” events such as mentor dinners, recruitment breakfasts, mentor/mentee sporting events, and various other celebrations across Connecticut.  We were very happy to join with programs to raise awareness of the impact of mentoring. 

This year’s eighth annual National Mentoring Summit convened by MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership took place January 24-26, 2018.  The theme was “Building Relationships, Advancing the Movement.”  Relationships are central to the work that each of us does daily to help youth move forward in their lives. Several members of the staff of The Partnership attended the events and workshops at the National Mentoring Summit.  

The Partnership staff was asked to share some of their WOW moments from the Summit. These impressions give readers a wonderful idea of the benefits of attending the event. Enjoy reading what our staff, as our roving reporters from Connecticut had to say. 

We look forward to seeing you soon at our upcoming trainings, roundtables, regional mentoring collaborative and webinars. Please call us if you need anything.

Hannah Granfield is Director of Mentoring Services for The Governor's Prevention Partnership. She can be reached at Direct: (860) 757-3923 or

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