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May 2017


A Message from Kristen

Prevention Partners:

This is a busy season that includes the all-too-rapidly approaching end of the school year. I find myself reflecting on the incredible work our partners have done during 2016-2017.  E3, Encourage, Empower, Engage; All-Abilities Alliance and SADD, Students Against Destructive Decisions have all grown and expanded this year. Young people across our state are supporting young people to make good decisions, make their schools healthier and more positive places to learn, and improve their communities.  We at The Partnership are grateful for the schools and organizations that we have partnered with in this work.  You and your students are doing great things. It is truly an honor to work with you. 

At the same time I cannot help but look forward to the fall.  I am excited and hopeful.  Several more partners will join us in our peer-to-peer efforts.  We are already building a robust training calendar for next year to bring you the information and tools you need to do even more great things.  There is reason for hope as we see the positive results of our efforts. 

This issue of Peer-to-Peer Connection highlights some of the positive things going on in the world of bullying prevention.  Please take a moment to reflect on all of the great things happening around you as a result of your work.  Peer-to-Peer Connection will take a quick break over the summer and will be back in September.  Wishing you all the best for the rest of the school year and a wonderful summer! 

Kristen Granatek, M.S.

Director, Prevention Initiatives

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