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April 2017


Greetings From Our President and CEO

Dear Prevention Partner:

When The Governor’s Prevention Partnership was created in 1989, it was originally known as Drugs Don’t Work!  For almost thirty years, our organization remains rooted in the science and best practices of preventing early youth substance abuse.  While the threats to our young people have changed significantly over almost three decades, our focus and commitment on keeping our young people safe, successful and drug-free has not wavered. 

The Partnership is proud to be the local affiliate of Partnership at Drug-Free Kids, which provides effective resources for raising awareness about the harms of substance abuse, including the Medicine Abuse Project which is described in the Resources section of this newsletter.  This year we are also partnering with Tribune Media/Fox 61 on their year-long HOPE for a Drug-Free Connecticut campaign, which is raising awareness about the state’s opioid epidemic through their multiple media channels.

The bottom line is that there is hope. If we prevent young people from abusing drugs or alcohol in their teen years, they are highly unlikely to develop a problem as an adult.  Parents and concerned adults are the first line of defense in protecting their young people.  Having regular conversations with teens, understanding risks, signs and symptoms of experimentation, and getting help when needed can make all the difference in supporting a young person to remain substance free.  For additional information, check out our Parent Guide to Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse

Thank you for your commitment to prevention and to our young people!

Jill Spineti

President and CEO

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