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March 2017


Letter From Our President and CEO

Welcome to the first edition of our new prevention newsletter The Prevention Connection.  Last year when The Governor’s Prevention Partnership worked on our new strategic plan, it became clear that there was a need for us to serve as a clearinghouse of innovative and best practices for prevention models including mentoring and peer-to-peer initiatives that address youth substance abuse, risky behaviors, bullying and violence. 

Our goal is to build knowledge and disseminate best practices in prevention and positive youth development.  We want to engage with and highlight local initiatives and effective prevention and intervention programs and showcase all the positive things that are happening within our state.  We also want to share new resources, ideas and tools that we are developing and those from our peers in other states through our affiliation with Students Against Destructive Decisions, MENTOR/the National Mentoring Partnership and the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids.

This issue of The Prevention Connection focuses on marijuana because we recognize that our young people don’t perceive using it as harmful—in fact, many are in favor of using it because they say it helps them to feel better, relieve stress and relax.  But when perception of harm is low, that’s when rates of use climb.

Let’s work together as concerned adults to send consistent messages to our young people that all drugs—including alcohol and marijuana—are harmful to their health and wellbeing and can have a negative impact on their future aspirations.  Teens need information from credible sources and honest, open dialogue.  The Marijuana Talk Kit included in this issue is a good place to start.

Thanks for all you do to ensure our young people are thriving in their families, schools, communities and personal lives!  Please provide feedback on our newsletter, including topics you’d like to see in future issues.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Jill Spineti

President and CEO

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