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October 2017

What's New in Prevention?

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

According to, one in five teenagers reports being bullied. October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. It raises awareness of the importance of bullying prevention. In 2006, the Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights (PACER)’s National Bullying Prevention Center launched the Bullying Prevention Awareness Month campaign. Since then it has been an annual effort by agencies, schools, and communities to highlight bullying prevention education and awareness activities. provides important resources to deepen the understanding and effects of bullying and what research has shown to be effective in prevention.

All-Abilities Alliance

The Partnership works to address bullying through effective programming. One way is the formation of an All-Abilities Alliance. This is a school group for students with and without disabilities who have a passion for disability awareness and social justice for people with disabilities. Students work together to educate and make positive change in themselves, their school and their communities.

Currently in Connecticut, All-Abilities Alliances exist in three districts and eleven schools. They include Martin Luther King School, Hartford; Manchester Public Schools through their Family Resource Centers and Oliver Wolcott Technical School in Torrington.

Students that lead All-Abilities Alliances choose their own activities. As examples, they may include:

  • Sponsoring disability awareness days in their school, other schools or in the community.   
  • Meeting with legislators to share their opinions about disability issues.      
  • Working with their schools and other schools on adding accomplishments of people with disabilities and the history of the disabilities rights movement to curricula.

All-Abilities Alliances serve to mitigate bullying involving students with disabilities, promote friendships among students with and without disabilities and improve school climate.

For more information on how to begin an All-Abilities Alliance, contact Monique Price-Taylor, M.S., Peer-to-Peer Program Manager, The Governor’s Prevention Partnership at (860) 757-3592 or

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