Our Approach

“Our children are our most precious resource.”
Governor Dannel P. Malloy, Co-Chair of The Governor’s Prevention Partnership

First and foremost, we promise to help you protect and give hope to the children in your care. Whether it’s a trusted mentor for a child who needs support, or guidance for a child affected by bullying, underage drinking, or drug abuse, you are not alone.

For parents, educators, community leaders and concerned adults, The Governor’s Prevention Partnership offers youth prevention programs that are based on state-of-the-art research and trainings that are reality-based and relevant to our young peoples’ needs and environment.

Every day, we form new partnerships with those interested in investing in our children’s future. We do this with an eye toward the future…one filled with the promise of successful young people ready and excited to take their place in tomorrow’s workforce.

Fundamentally we seek to build awareness, alliances, knowledge, and capacity—all to support the objective to mitigate risks for young people in Connecticut and promote their wellbeing.

We fulfill our mission by serving as a public policy advocate and by identifying, demonstrating, and promoting effective prevention and intervention practices. We serve as a source of funding, training, data, and best practices for direct service providers seeking to offer programs that will have measurable, positive impact on youth.

Because meeting the challenge cannot be met by any person or organization working alone, The Partnership considers its most critical and unique leadership role to be as a collaborator, connector, and convener on a statewide basis. In particular, we foster a vibrant public-private partnership that engages businesses, state government, and communities to advance knowledge, leverage resources, and maximize our collective impact on Connecticut’s youth.

Remember, our workforce of tomorrow needs you today. Get involved.