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Build Partnerships

When The Governor's Prevention Partnership was started in 1989, then Governor O’Neill recognized that neither government nor business could mitigate the devastating effects that drugs were having on the workplace alone. They had to somehow come together to solve this societal problem. For the last 30 years, we have followed this model to bring government and business resources together to maximize their collective impact.

We maximize the funding we receive from the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services by leveraging private investments to bolster these dollars. 

We act as a connector and convener with community coalitions, collaboratives, summits, and others to identify strategies to better serve youth and their families. 

We connect businesses to their local community stakeholders and vice versa, so that more young people in Connecticut can benefit from our collective expertise.

We work to build true partnerships where all parties benefit, so we tailor our sponsorship and benefit offerings for each partner to ensure their needs are being met. 

We understand that it takes years to build a partnership of trust and we are willing to invest that time and energy in every partnership we have – big or small. 

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