Prevent Bullying

We work for and with you…the educator, parent, concerned adult and student.

The Governor’s Prevention Partnership Positive School Climate Initiative is grounded in the understanding of what each individual child needs to be a successful learner. A positive learning environment, free from the threats of violence, bullying, alcohol or drug abuse, is proven to help a young person succeed against these odds. Today, the state requires that every school adopt a policy on bullying and designate an on-site staff person to the issue. Our job is to help.

Over the years, our team of experts has reached tens of thousands of young people by offering the latest tools and techniques through our Capacity-Building for School Climate Improvement and Bullying Prevention training series, student assistance team sessions, on-the-spot interventions for school staff, disability awareness, cyberbullying, parent programs, and more.

Our team recognizes that cost-effective, timely and relevant assistance is what’s called for in today’s ever-changing and challenging educational environments. Our trainings are drawn from a proprietary step-by-step research-based schoolwide “systems-change” approach based on audience need. This 7-Step Positive School Climate Resource highlights the need for staff awareness and buy-in, student empowerment and leadership skills, adult modeling, and relationship building. All are examples of necessary components of school climate which are key to reducing dropout rates and risky behaviors, and to fostering youth development and academic achievement.

In short, new anti-bullying legislation is an unfunded mandate and schools have limited funding to adopt new programs. The Partnership is the answer. We assess existing resources available within a school environment. We then, review current practices, and look at strategies collectively to coordinate efforts into a tailored, comprehensive and successful school climate approach.