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Increase Positive Connections with Adults / Youth Mentoring

Whether in their schools, extra-curricular activities, communities, or places of worship, young people are more likely to be healthy and successful if they feel they have at least one positive connection with an adult.

To increase the number of youth who have these positive connections, The Partnership builds the capacities of schools, organizations, and communities to implement effective mentoring. We do this by providing leadership, resources, and training to over 150 mentoring programs serving 12,000 youth throughout the state. We implement a multi-faceted approach that includes recruitment and referral of mentors, development of new mentoring resources, training and technical assistance, and data collection and tracking. 

As the state affiliate of MENTOR/National Mentoring Partnership, we work with schools, businesses, community, and faith-based organizations to ensure that children are involved in safe, quality mentoring relationships. At the same time, we work to build and sustain a strong base of leaders and key stakeholders committed to mentoring.

The Partnership has expertise in School-Based Mentoring, Community-based Mentoring, and working with special populations such as our project with the Juvenile Justice Mentoring Network.

The Governor's Prevention Partnership is an affiliate of MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership and an official Technical Assistance Provider of the National Mentoring Resource Center, a project of MENTOR and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. 

Become a Mentor

Every action, no matter how small, can make a difference.

One in three Connecticut youth could benefit from a mentor, but don’t have one!  You could make a difference in the life of that young person. 

Mentoring a young person will change your life. Every young person is someone who matters. Every young person deserves a chance to succeed. Be someone who makes a difference. With just a little time invested, you can be the change in a young person’s life, guiding them toward a successful future. You can offer them opportunities for friendship and guidance, help with homework, attend sporting events, concerts, or just eat an ice cream sundae together. There’s something for everyone…and there’s a young person out there who needs you!

If you'd like more guidance with selection a program, please Sign up to become a mentor today and a member of our staff will be in touch with you to connect you with a local mentoring program in your area. 


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