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Juvenile Justice Mentoring Network

Supported by the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch, Court Support Services Division (JBCSSD) and The Governor’s Prevention Partnership, the Juvenile Justice Mentoring Network (JJMN) is designed to provide another resource for Probation officers and identified JBCSSD contracted providers to assist non-violent juvenile offenders in developing pro-social behaviors. Seven provider agencies currently serve all 12  juvenile court districts in the state. 

The JJMN operates as a community-based network in which skilled mentoring practitioners support each other and share resources, information, and tools. Mentoring provides youth with high-quality, one-to-one adult mentors. Consistent, quality mentoring is associated with positive outcomes. The JJMN consistently helps young people reconnect to their community and school, recognize their self-worth, and build confidence, rebuild trust, strengthen interpersonal skills, and much more. Youth are positively impacted by mentoring in a variety of ways that could include better school performance, improved self-esteem, and a decrease in feelings of anxiety and nervousness. 

An initial survey of mentees showed that after six-months of participating in the JJMN, 90% say it is very true that they are working harder in school; 87% say it is mostly true that they feel good about themselves when they are at school; and 86% reported that they have not been bothered by feeling nervous, anxious, or on-edge. 

To date, the JJMN has engaged and helped over 500 youth who have been matched with a positive adult role model. 

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