Youth Mentoring

Whether you’re interested in becoming a mentor, looking for a mentor, or you’re a community group, corporation or individual who wants to know more about the tremendous value of mentoring on young people today, we can help. During the last 15 years, mentoring has become one of the country’s most popular interventions to improve the lives of disadvantaged and at-risk youth. (The Society for Research in Child Development, Sharing youth and child development knowledge, Volume 24, Issue 3, 2010). We provide the vehicle for disseminating newly developed best practices, innovative tools and research findings to Connecticut based mentoring programs. A primary goal of The Partnership is to increase the number of quality mentoring relationships by helping build the capacity of those programs that serve our youth. To accomplish this we implement a multi-faceted approach:

Raise public awareness
Develop statewide campaigns to recruit mentors and raises awareness about the importance of mentoring.

Recruit and refer mentors
Assist businesses and community groups to recruit their workforce or members to serve as mentors.

Develop new mentoring resources
Create and implement new tools and guides for mentors and mentoring program providers. Purchase My Mentoring and Me Guides.

Training and technical assistance
Provide resources and assistance to organizations interested in starting, strengthening or expanding a quality-mentoring program.

Collect and track data
Track the prevalence of formal mentoring relationships throughout Connecticut and evaluate the impact of those mentoring programs. This enables us to create a gap analysis for geographic areas as well as make recommendations for program enhancements.