Prevent Underage Drinking & Substance Abuse

The Partnership Together With Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) Helps Teens in Connecticut Stay Safe, Successful and Drug-Free

The SADD National Office offers statistical information, materials, and education programs to help fight destructive decisions faced by teenagers.  In Connecticut, The Governor’s Prevention Partnership is proud to serve as their leading state affiliate funneling important resources and information to Connecticut parents, teens, along with SADD student advisors, and educators.

Student Engagement and Leadership in Prevention

Between academics, driver’s education, extracurricular activities, and after school jobs, today’s teens face a new set of challenges. Peer pressure takes a different shape in the 21st century with new threats to student wellness and success. These dangers include cyber bullying, synthetic drugs, technology with the potential to distract new drivers, and increasing demands and competition on academic achievement and athletics. Now more than ever, students need the encouragement and support to confidently avoid harmful distractions, poor choices, and bad influences.

Students Against Destructive Decisions, commonly known as “SADD”, responds to these negative influences facing students nationwide, by providing student leaders with the confidence and skills to educate and inspire their peers. For over twenty-five years, SADD has served as the collective voice of teen role models in developing a national agenda where their concerns are at the forefront. Today, SADD National is a vibrant organization, operating over 10,000 middle school, high school, and college chapters led by more than 350,000 enthusiastic and influential student leaders. Millions of school and community members, business people, law enforcement personnel, family members and friends have been aware of SADD’s life-saving message.

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) in Connecticut

The Governor’s Prevention Partnership has served as the statewide host agency for SADD for over 10 years and serves as a liaison between chapter advisors and the National Office. Connecticut SADD dovetails with the overall mission of The Governor’s Prevention Partnership, by providing resources, services and support to both students and adults in promoting a strong future workforce and preventing youth violence, underage drinking and substance abuse. Today, there are 70 registered SADD chapters in Connecticut with a combined membership of nearly 2,000 students.  Prevention messaging targeted at youth statewide reaches over 55,000 students and countless teachers, parents, and community members.

For information about starting a SADD Chapter in your school, receiving campaign information and/or participating in training workshops, please contact Jacqueline Longo, program coordinator at The Partnership at extension 23. 

Existing SADD Chapters and Other Youth Groups

If you are leading a local SADD Chapter already, or involved in a related student organization, you  have smartly already made a commitment to preventing destructive decisions and serving as a role model to your peers. Register through SADD National here to become a part of Connecticut’s growing network of student organizations.  

Starting a SADD Chapter

 Don’t have a SADD Chapter in your school or community? It’s easy to start one! Visit the SADD National Website to learn more about forming a chapter. You will also find a great resource in this how-to-guide that covers all the basics. Do not forget to register your chapter! Registration is free and must be renewed on an annual basis.

For more information on SADD, contact Monique Price-Taylor at 860-757-3592 or